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River Brent - close to St. Mary the Virgin Church

Longfield / Perivale East Meadow and Pitshanger Riverside (part of Brent River Park) 
Three meadows with natural riverbanks forming part of the River Brent flood plain. Walkers can enjoy the riverside with mallards, moorhens, kingfishers and grey wagtails.

The River Brent follows the cyclepath along the northern pavement over Greenford Bridge and into Costons Lane for two hundred metres before turning eastwards into Perivale Park. It then follows the metalled path through the park, past the running track, under the railway bridge and into Stockdove Way crossing Argyle Road at the traffic lights and into Perivale Lane where it joins the foot/cyclepath at St Mary's the Virgin Perivale through to Pitshanger Park .

Ealing Cycling Campaign Routes & Rides River Brent & Grand Union Canal Circular Tour
Path of the River Brent through Perivale see map


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