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perivale allotments jubilee road

There are two allotment sites in Perivale :
Jubilee Road (adjacent to 198 Bilton Road, Perivale) perivale allotments jubilee road
Perivale West (opposite Ribchester Avenue, Stockdove Way, Perivale)
perivale allotments stockdove way

To find out about renting an allotment anywhere in the borough, see allotment sites in the London Borough of Ealing .

Bees are valuable pollinators of crops such as fruit and vegetables - if it has a flower it needs pollination, and bees will do the job; they are therefore very valuable on allotments as the bees will help to ensure good pollination of the crops. The Ealing and District Beekeepers Association have negotiated arrangements with Ealing Council for the placing of bees on allotments, and a document is available  giving information and advice.

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