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stunning views from the top of Horsenden Hill

Horsenden Hill - height to the summit at altitude 85m (279ft), is an unexpected swathe of countryside in West London suburbia complete with fields, hedges and woodlands.Horsenden Hill is the highest point in North West
London, with a view of 6 counties and 10 London Boroughs from the top. On a clear day, the top of Horsenden Hill provides a stunning panorama of the surrounding areas of Sudbury Hill and Harrow Hill etc.

Around 7000 years ago Stone Age people walked on the summit. They were hunter gatherers feeding on wild animals, berries and fruit.

2500 years ago, Iron Age people settled on the site leaving behind large amounts of pottery.
In 1978 The Iron Age settlement on Horsenden Hill was declared as an Ancient Scheduled monument by English Heritage.

A major change in the area occured in the 1800s with the opening of the Paddington arm of the Grand Junction Canal. This enabled hay to be shipped into London in great bulk and in return London sent Horsenden "Mack" - an unpleasant mix of street sweeings, fish and meat offal and horse droppings to be used as manure for the fields.

During World War I, the summit came to the fore with the siting of an anti aircraft gun pulled by a horse - a defence against German airships.

Following the war much development took place in the vicinity with companies such as Sandersons Wallpaper, J. Lyons & Co Ltd and Glaxo Laboratories.

In World War II, local factories produced armaments and in the case of Glaxo - penicillin.
A searchlight station sited on the hill formed part of the defences for the factories as well as the RAF fighter station at nearby Northolt RAF Northolt.

In the 1980's, 2 large underground water reservoirs were constructed to serve the Perivale area.

After a brisk walk over Horsenden Hill- why not enjoy a long cool beer at The Ballot Box Pub ?

The climax of of a motorcycle crash in the Doctor Who "Survival" episode (which includes many local Perivale locations ) was filmed at Horsenden Hill see Doctor Who Locations

Particularly popular at Horsenden Hill is Kite Flying
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Places of interest:

Horsenden Hill Golf Club
Horsenden Hill Golf Club
Horsenden Hill Golf Club
Horsenden Hill Summit
This unassuming concrete pillar marks the summit of Horsenden Hill
Horsenden Hill summit

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