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Willowtree canal trip near to Horsenden Hill visitors centre

The Grand Union Canal flows through Perivale. On the South side of the canal is Perivale Wood Nature Reserve see also Perivale Wood an ancient woodland.

The first section of the Grand Junction Canal in this area (later the Grand Union Canal) was opened in 1794. The 1 3 mile stretch from Bull’s Bridge to Paddington was started in 1797 and provided a fast route into the capital. Canals were the motorways of their time and the rapid spread of the network was dubbed ‘canal mania’. One of their great advantages was that a horse-drawn barge could bear a 50 ton load, whilst a horse and cart could only carry 300 lbs.The canal brought industry to what was then a rural area. In the 1880’s hay was cut in the canalside meadows and taken into London.

Horsenden Hill Visitors Centre
barge on Grand Union Canal at Perivale

The canal acts as a wildlife corridor linking open spaces such as Perivale Wood, Horsenden Hill, Brentham open space and the Brent River Park. Much of the land next to the canal is managed by Ealing’s Parks and Countryside Service and contains a rich variety of plants and animals.

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Next to Horsenden Hill Vistors Centre is a Childrens Adventure Playground.

Childrens play area near to canal visitors centre

Just adjacent to the Horsenden Hill Visitors Centre is the Ealing Canoe Club

A wide range of canoeing activities are covered including recreational paddling, freestyle, BCU star awards and slalom. All ages and abilities are welcome. The clubs also organises trips to local weirs for freestyle activities.

Horsenden Hill Road North crosses the Grand Union Canal at The Ballot Box Bridge

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