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Parts of the Perivale were regularly used for filming Doctor Who and feature prominently in "Survival", transmitted originally: 22 November 1989 to 6 December 1989 and was the last story to be transmitted until the 1996 TV movie.

In Survival, The Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) and Ace (Sophie Aldred) return to Ace's old home, Perivale, so she can catch up with her old friends. But Perivale has changed - her friends have vanished and and there have also been deaths amongst the domestic pets. These mysterious disappearances lead to the discovery of a race of catlike beings who can travel between dimensions. The Doctor fights to save Ace, who has been drawn into their web, and discovers that his old adversary the Master is already trapped.

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"Survival" the final story of the last season of Doctor Who to be made by the BBC was recorded entirely on location in June 1989, at a quarry in Dorset and on the streets of Perivale, West London.

Perivale Locations used in the episode of Survival (Mentalis - Home of Doctor Who in Detail)
Medway Drive, Medway Estate, Perivale; Shops and Flat in Medway Parade, Perivale; Ealing Central Sports Ground, Horsendon Lane South, Perivale; E.Y.J. Martial Arts Centre, Greenford Road, Sudbury Hill; Horsendon Lane North, Perivale see also photos at skonnos edited by Mark Campbell

Survival was shot in 1989. See how much or little has changed. The same locations photographed in June 2004 (over 15 years later).

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In Ghost Light (June 1989) when Ace was13 years old, she climbed over the wall of a haunted house in Perivale "Gabriel Chase" for a dare. Frightened and sensing an aura of intense evil, she burned the house down. Some years later the 7th Doctor and Ace revisit Perivale in 1883 to investigate mysterious goings-on at the mansion where the lord of the manor is a reptile who has evolved into a human "Josiah Smith," an alien who planned to assassinate Queen Victoria, allowing him to take over the British Empire .

Despite, many actual Perivale locations being used for the subsequent episode of Survival, Ghost Light was recorded entirely in the studio. However, brief shots of the exterior of Gabriel Chase were required to set the scene and shots of Stanton Court, 11 Greenhill, Weymouth in Dorset were used for this purpose see photographs at Stephen's Doctor Who Locations .

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